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Abuse Reports

If you need to report the domain name violations, please see the complaint procedure below:

Procedures for reporting and handling the domain name violations

1. What is the domain name violation ?

It is a violation when a domain name website involves the following conditions:

- Involving pornography, gambling, drugs, violence and other information;

- Spreading malware;

- Phishing

- Inauthentic, inaccurate or incomplete domain name registration information;

- Other situations that violate laws, regulations and policies.

2. Complaint of domain name violation

If any illegal information or illegal activities are found in the domain names our company registered and managed, users can send relevant information to abuse3883@brandfocus.cn for violation reporting.

In order to deal with the violation quickly and conveniently, we suggest that you indicate the URL and reason of the specific violation when giving feedback, so that we can verify and deal with it more quickly.

The information to be included in the report mail is as follows:

1. The domain name

2. Illegal URL

3. Reasons for reporting

4. The evidence

5. Name of the informant

6. Contact number of the informant

7. Identification documents of the informant

3. Handling of irregularities report

1. After receiving your report email, the specialist will review and handle the report information within 3 working days, and give you the feedback through the email.

2. For the notice of any illegal activities (including but not limited to any pornography, gambling, drugs and phishing) issued by judicial authorities, superior administrative units, semi-governmental or relevant government authorized organizations, our commissioner will check and deal with the relevant domain name within 24 hours.

4. Customer Complaint Service Process

When you encounter any problems in using our product or service, you can send a summary of the screenshot of improper service or system error and the basic description of the problem to abuse3883@brandfocus.cn. We will respond to your problem within 2 hours during the working period, and then the corresponding professional engineer or consultant will serve you wholeheartedly to answer and solve your doubts. You can ask the progress of the problem during the process anytime, and we will inform you of the progress of the problem by email every day.